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Healing Ourselves:

  • A Book to Serve As a Companion in Time of Illness and Health by Naboru Muramoto with Michel Abehsera (newest cover)
  • and older cover!

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An entire book devoted to Kudzu...who knew? I was sad to see it's out of print, but I do love the cover illustration!

Not related, but I just recently found a used copy of Macrobiotic Home Remedies by Kushi that I'm quite thrilled to have unearthed. Have you read it? I haven't had a chance to sit down with it yet.


I love this book! Almost as muuch as i love kuzu. It is an indispensible remedy and food. For making amazing vegan sauces it cant be beaten and to quiet an upset tummy it has no equal. It would probably be the home remdy i would take to a desert island! I also like mitoku's kuzu noodles. Very strengthening. I would love to see cloth or clothing made from kuzu fibres.


Hey Bruce,

Remember me? we participated in Macrobiotic health forum? I came across to your blog from there...have found very interesting and informative...just wanted to drop by and say hi...



Hey Bruce,

It's Brian. I'm the guy you gave a free cab ride to for half a night. Just thought I would catch up with you. How's everything?

meg wolff

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for visiting my site! I'm excited to read all your book reviews!! And I'mm a BIG fan of kuzu, especially ume-sho-kuzu.
Would you be interested in reviewing Becoming Whole? If so, let me know and I'll send you a copy. Best wishes.

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That was a really scary poem. I think I'd read that and just forgo reading the rest of the text.

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